In this place imbued with family values, we are dedicated to welcoming guests and cherishing what surrounds us.

The sandstone, a hard, resilient, and imposing element, at Borgo La Pietraia transforms into a welcoming presence right from the entrance, embodying the warm hospitality and sense of family that Raffaella e Arianna will be able to convey to all their guests. .
This same spirit is transmitted by our family, a continuously growing group that warmly welcomes those who choose to spend moments of relaxation with us.

A Dream in Small Visions

The Borgo is the result of our family's dream to share our passion for local traditions, architecture, and the history of our South, immersed in the stunning natural beauty of the surroundings.
The result is a resort composed of 12 rooms with private terraces, a swimming pool, a solarium, a jogging track that winds its way to spectacular mountain trails, and a restaurant with a strong local identity.

Borgo La Pietraia
Strada provinciale 13
84047 Capaccio Paestum
Salerno, Italy
tel. +39 0828 1991999
fax. +39 0828 1999285