There are villages that make us feel at home even when home is far away. Some are beautiful, others unforgettable. And then there are those for which words are not enough;


An enchanting village in the Cilento. A place where local sandstone and design blend together in a warm familial atmosphere.


Borgo La Pietraia is a rejuvenating escape, a resort that seamlessly blends comfort with the natural beauty of Cilento, providing a unique experience for those seeking relaxation and well-being.


Featuring 4 deluxe rooms, 7 junior suites, and one suite, each with a private terrace for relaxation while gazing upon the beauty of the coasts of Cilento and Amalfi. These comfortable and refined rooms ensure a warm and unforgettable stay, delivering a truly unique experience.


Led by Chef Mario Stellato, Pietre is a year-round restaurant that welcomes guests with a seasonal cuisine deeply rooted in local traditions, featuring a strong focus on plant-based and healthy dishes.


Borgo La Pietraia combines relaxation, adventure, and discovery in a unique natural and historical setting. Here, you can indulge in a relaxing massage, explore guided nature trails, or embark on thrilling adventures.

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Borgo La Pietraia
Strada provinciale 13
84047 Capaccio Paestum
Salerno, Italy
tel. +39 0828 1991999
fax. +39 0828 1999285