Stone bonds

Stone bonds

The gray of the local stone and the yellow of that from Roccadaspide: Borgo La Pietraia is a construction philosophy that starts from what already exists.


Architect Nicola Pagliara, the main creator of the village, used the local sandstone as the protagonist: paired with vividly painted iron and wood elements, the stone welcomes everyone right from the entrance, embodying warm hospitality and the sense of family that characterize Italy.


This same feeling of welcome is promoted by the family that conceived the project, a growing family, ready to embrace with affection anyone who stops by this splendid establishment.


Borgo La Pietraia is an open window to the warm soul of the South, an authentic Italian journey with a unique spirit that creates a family-like atmosphere. A commitment to uniting architecture with the extraordinary natural beauty that surrounds it.


Borgo La Pietraia
Strada provinciale 13 84047 Capaccio Paestum (SA) - ITALY
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