Country House in Cilento Capaccio Paestum

On the hill that rises from Paestum on its way to Capaccio we find Borgo la Pietraia at the most scenic and picturesque point. The Scariati family, which has always been linked to the origins of this place and to its land, decided to build a residence that, ended up becoming like a small village. The inherent desire of this project was to create a place to enjoy and share the beauty of this beautiful hill that opens with a breathtaking view of the Valley of the Temples of Paestum and the blue horizon of the Tyrrhenian Sea.


“I immediately chose to realize the intervention in stone; that layered sandstone of the place which is difficult to move. Such a “moody” material could only be compared to iron and wood; the latter painted in bright colors. […]

The commitment required for its implementation will ensure, to those who want to enjoy this magical place, rest and tranquility which are rare and difficult to find in places invaded by typically noisy and distracted vacationers. Personally, I hope to have transmitted to these buildings the emotion felt in living there, happy to have been able to leave evidence of my work. ”


Arch. Nicola Pagliara 2007