Mediterranean stone

Borgo La Pietraia is a feast, it’s good cuisine, it’s the scent of trees, rosemary, and laurel. The Cilento, Southern Italy, the ruggedness of the stone overlooking the reflections of the sky on the sea.


Borgo La Pietraia represents extraordinary aesthetic beauty, taste, and a perfect fusion of history, nature, and the local food and wine culture. With a maximum of 30 seats, the “Pietre” restaurant, led by Mario Stellato, welcomes guests to the residence’s restaurant with a seasonal cuisine known for its strong emphasis on fresh, plant-based, and healthy ingredients. This cuisine draws inspiration from local tradition while incorporating modern influences, creating a unique blend of flavors.


The Stones and the Garden
The “Pietre” menu is distinguished by its simplicity, offering a mix of refined dishes and some simpler, summery offerings. This combination allows one to fully appreciate the goodness and freshness of all the ingredients, most of which come from local producers or even directly from the village’s garden.


Borgo La Pietraia
Strada provinciale 13 84047 Capaccio Paestum (SA) - ITALY
tel. +39 0828 1991999 fax. +39 0828 1999285